Building a company that cares leads to fanatically loyal team members and customers. In fact, according to a recent study by Deloitte, 83% of managers and 84% of team members said that an engaged and motivated work force is the top contributor to a company’s success.

We aren’t perfect, but we know what we are aiming for. And frankly, we could use your help. If you ever witness behavior or service that is not directly in line with our core values… call us on it. We are always looking to improve.


protection of A Mother Bear

Early in my career I received a gift from a client with a handwritten note. The gift was a Christmas ornament of a mother bear and two cubs. In the heartfelt note, my client described walking by a Hallmark window storefront and being moved by the ornament. In order to sell her home, we had to negotiate a shared well agreement with 5 of her challenging neighbors. She said that she felt I had been her mother bear protecting her like a cub. That experience brought about a perspective that has stuck with me since. Mother bears protect their cubs from; predators, nature, and even themselves as young cubs. Our associates value this tenacity in representing our clients and protecting them throughout our experience.


Sustain Our Ecosystem

Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with an exceptional network of contractors and service professionals that we can put our names to.  The businesses in our preferred partners directory are there because they’ve done great work for us in the past and we trust them to take great care of our clients.  We love to keep things in our own ecosystem. If you’re in need of any type of local service that is not listed here, please let us know. If you know a professional in Spokane that demonstrates our core values, we want to get to know them. Note: Although we believe these businesses will meet or exceed your expectations, please qualify each provider before using their service.



What determines whether your home sells? The answer to this question changes moment to moment. When you’re with us, we’re in constant communication about the current environment (like the bird). Our clients are kept informed about the safety of their situation, and are protected by the fact that, if need be, we will fall first so you can get out. You may have never gone down this particular tunnel before, so we provide a safe, reliable forecast of what’s ahead.


Genie in a Bottle

Who hasn’t dreamed of finding a genie in a bottle? Seriously. We strive to be exactly that. When our clients have a need, a goal, a dream, or simply a favor, we’re here to make it a reality.  If it means your stress will be less, or there’ll be more money in your pocket, we’re here to make it happen.



In 1883 the Brooklyn Bridge was the largest suspension bridge in the world, but the general public was afraid to cross it. PT Barnum (of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus) historically promoted the bridge by leading 21 elephants across it.

We bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. Through education and demonstration we; prepare, invite, follow up and resolve concerns. I am the only Realtor in Spokane who has received an award from the Public Relations Society of America for the marketing plans I have put together for my listings. Marketing properties is important. Sometimes you need to lead the elephants across the bridge and educate buyers to the point they make an offer on a home.


Think like a Farmer, work like a Hunter

The great Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful and sought after locations. In this neck of the woods, it takes the patience, skill, and dedication of a hunter to capture the results you seek. Hunting is just one aspect of what we do. We plant seeds, nurture growth, and harvest those rewards.

Like a farmer, I cultivate relationships over a long period of time. And like a family farmdog, I have a bite when I'm negotiating with the other side. Good farmers know, preparing early on is crucial to a good harvest. I like it when my clients call me way before they are ready to do business. That way, we’re able to utilize that time to get in the best position to buy or sell.

In all of our work, we use the right tool for the job. We help buyers find homes before they hit the market, and help sellers aggressively market their home. At the end of the season, we’re certain you’ll be happy with the results of our careful thought and productive work.