Our staff is wired for the positions they serve, and knowing our DISC profiles help us communicate better with one another and our clients. In an effort to help us best communicate with you, we offer an online DISC profile assessment through the Lampo Group on us.  (Current and potential clients only, please.)


D (Dominant)*

The D will run you over if you’re not careful. This person is a hard-charging driver who is results-oriented and not big on the details. He or she isn’t too concerned about how their decisions will affect other people’s feelings. They just want to get the job done—and get it done quickly. 

I (Influencing)

This personality style is a party waiting for a place to happen. This person could be described as influential, expressive, compulsive, persuasive and easily distracted. The I personality is known as the “people person.” They are loaded with energy and love being around people. 

S (Stable)

The S personality is amiable, loyal, anti-conflict and concerned about pace. Everybody loves the S, and the S loves everybody. The S can be slow about making decisions—only because they want to make sure everyone is on board. 

C (Compliant)

The C is the rulekeeper—the “Barney Fife.” This person is analytical, factual and loves detail and procedures. They can seem rigid. But, to them, the rules are the rules and there is a reason for each one.

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