On 24 Feb 2012 we made a decision to do business by referral. This means that we focus on serving our current and past clients as well as those they refer us to. We find pouring our efforts into those that we know to be deeply rewarding. In an effort to show our appreciation for your business and referrals we are expanding our client perks! We would like you to be a part of and take advantage of each opportunity.

Our client perks are FREE, with no strings attached. Some perks include free equipment rental, exclusive client parties, tickets to local events, Dave Ramsey books, products, and scholarships and more. They are a way of showing appreciation to our past/current/future clients for their business and referrals.

By the way, have you ever heard of your Reticular Activator? 
Did you ever know you had one? It’s part of your brain that heightens your awareness of certain things. For example, do you remember the time when you last bought a new car? All of a sudden, you start seeing cars just like yours all over the road. Pregnant women notice other pregnant women everywhere. And so on.... 

So, what does this have to do with us? Everything. We find that our perks turn on your Reticular Activator so when you get into conversations with people who are thinking about buying or selling real estate you will be bold in sharing your experience with our service and connect us with them. 

We make a constant effort to improve the level of service we provide to you because, in our business, the most profound assets we possess are your respect and trust. Please feel free to contact us if you need anything at all or have feedback to help us improve; we are always here to help!